(NEW SHOW) MTV's "catfish"(11-12-12) just might be a g.o.a.t show!!!

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Long story short, this shit looks like it's about to be the new "cheaters". It focuses on people meeting online and cameras follow them as they go meet the person for the 1st time. Now y'all know how people be fronting online with the fake/altered/myspace angel pictures and other shit etc etc. It's basically exposing these people so y'all know lots of entertainment could possibly come from this lol!!! They even got where you could sign up to be on the show on the m.t.v website.
@sour you would own this show bruh, lets make it happen!!!


'Catfish' MTV Show Brings Online Love Stories To Life
Inspired by 2010 documentary film, reality show follows 'Catfish' on a journey to meet their online loves in person for the first time.

To fully understand and appreciate the unique concept behind MTV's new reality show "Catfish," you should know that the idea for the show came from the success of the documentary film of the same name, which made a splash at Sundance in 2010 and was later distributed and released by Paramount.

In brief, the "Catfish" documentary revolved around NYC-based photographer Nev Schulman and the series of curious events that occurred when he formed an online friendship with a precocious 8-year-old artist from a small town in Michigan and a romantic relationship with her older sister. Without spoiling the film, things were not as they seemed.

Schulman and MTV have since teamed up to create a television series this fall that is based on concepts and events similar to those that unfold in the film, but instead of Schulman being the focal point, he seeks out others who have become emotionally entangled with someone they've met online. Schulman and the "Catfish" team follow them on a journey to meet their online love in person for the first time.

"No show is the same: Every episode of the series is completely unique and deals with two people who have somehow, by the wild and unpredictable science of the Internet, found one another," Schulman recently told MTV News. "Perhaps you call it fate. Each episode starts with a love story. People reach out to me because they're in love or serious-like, and they would like to meet this person so that they can fall in love or see if love is there.

"I'm obviously excited. I know that feeling, I've been there. I had a long-distance romance [with someone] that I was excited to meet and hopefully be with. I go to meet them, and we go on the path of discovery, a road trip, adventure, mystery together."

Schulman explained that the term "Catfish," as applied to the show, defines the people who want to go on that journey and write a new chapter of their life or love stories.

"To think about the definition of 'Catfish,' it's really anybody that is willing to take a risk, push the envelope, leave their comfort zone," he said. "The people who reach out to me are in many ways Catfish because they're looking to take a chance, take a risk, and then there's always a chance the other person we haven't met could also be doing the same thing. [They] might not be being totally honest: We don't know until we get there and we find out."
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