Black Ops 2 Review

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this is all based on Multiplayer. I haven't touched the campaign yet.

-This game feels more like MW4, than BO2.... its actually nothing like the original Black Ops MP.

-Very very fast paced.... way faster than BO

-Laser Sight attachment is ridiculously good

-HiJacked Map is basically Nuketown on a Boat. Different theme, but the basic set up is the same. Just a bit bigger than Nuketown.

-Most maps are medium sized. Carrier and Turbine are the biggest maps, and they're not really that big.

-Guns take a long time to unlock, along with the attachments and camos.

-The art on the player cards is nice. Theres a lot to choose form too.

-PDW is the early favorite for best gun in the game (haven't unlocked them all yet). AN-94 in Combat training was raping.

-The burst-fire guns are useful in this game. Remind me of the FAMAS from MW2.

-Lightning is going to be the overused killstreak in this game. It can get 3-5 kills and its instant. Cant be shot down. The "Swarm" streak is not that good, considering how many points it takes to get (got it in a care package).

-The graphics and sound are highly improved over the original BO.... I think they're using the IW engine now.

-Ghost is unlocked at LVL 55. No campers :)

-Flak Jacket is very very strong.

-Semtex is much better than it was in MW3.

-It takes a long time to unlock Suppressor for Assault Rifles. You unlock it early on SMGs but not on ARs.




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