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Classic Or Not RECAP Thread

StewStew Rap Music Is My ReligionHTTRPosts: 52,044 Regulator
edited August 22 in The Reason
Ive had a few people ask whats been done before so here yo go.

1. Supreme Clientele- IN
2. Makaveli- IN
3. E 1999- IN
4. The Documentary- OUT
5. Life After Death- IN
6. Trap Muzik- IN
7. Get Rich Or Die Trying- IN
8. Capital Punishment- IN
9. Uptown Saturday Night- OUT
10. Soul Food- IN
11. 400 Degreez- IN
12. Reasonable Doubt- IN
13. Ridin Dirty- IN
14. Late Registration- IN
15. Chronic 2001- IN
16. TM101- OUT
17. A Long Hot Summer- IN
18. The Carter 2- OUT
19. The Eminem Show- OUT
20. Food n Liquor- IN
21. Southernplayalistc- IN
23. Wu-Tang Forever- IN
24. No One Can Do It Better- IN
25. When The Smoke Clears- IN
26. Death Certificate- IN
27. Stillmatic- IN
28. Tical- OUT
29. Doggystyle- IN
30. Muddy Waters- IN
31. Staight Outta Cashville- OUT
32. BE- IN
33. Soul On Ice- OUT
34. Do or Die- IN
35. Paid In Full- IN
36. Country Grammer- OUT
37. The Black Album- IN
38. Liquid Swords- IN
39. Dogg Food- IN
40. Its Dark And Hell Is Hot- IN
41. Chopper City In The Ghetto- OUT
42. Ice Cream Man- OUT
44. The Listening- OUT
45. Murda Muzik- OUT
46. IronMan- IN
47. Word Of Mouf- OUT
48. All Eyez On Me- IN
49. The Fix- IN
50. OB4CL, Chronic, Aquemini, It Takes A Nation, Illmatic, The Infamous, 36 Chambers, Str8 Outta Compton,R2D, The Score- ALL IN

51. Resurrection- IN
52. Midnight Marauders- IN
53. ATLiens- IN
54. Mista Dont Play- IN
55. Death Is Certain- OUT
56. Me Against The World- IN
57. When Things Fall Apart- IN
58. Train Of Thought- OUT
59. Black On Both Sides- IN
60. Lets Get Free- IN
61. American Gangster- OUT
62. Coming Out Hard- IN
63. The War Report- IN
64. Stankonia- OUT
65. The Cool- OUT
66. It Was Written- IN
67. Internal Affairs- OUT
68. Moment Of Truth- IN
69. The Blueprint- IN
70. Marshall Mathers LP- IN
71. Book Of Thugs: Chpt AK Verse 47- OUT
72. Bow Down- IN
73. Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood-IN
74. Guerrilla Warfare- IN
75. No Way Out- IN
76. Tical 2000- OUT
77. Still Standing- IN
78. Quik Is The Name- IN
79. Hell On Earth- IN
80. Black Star- IN
81. Ghetto D- OUT
82. The Truth- OUT
83. In My Lifetime, Vol 1- OUT
84. Harlem World- OUT
85. Amerikkkas Most Wanted- IN
86. The Dude- IN
87. Mecca & The Soul Brother- IN
88. Purple Haze- NOPE
89. The Diary-IN
90. Whut? Thee Album- IN
91. Tha Hall Of Game- OUT
92. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below- OUT
93. College Dropout- IN
94. Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.- OUT
95. Licensed To Ill- IN
96. Graduation- OUT
97. FishScale- OUT
98. Hell Hath No Mercy- OUT
99. The Low End Theory- IN
101. Like Water For Chocolate- IN
102. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy- OUT(Revoted IN)
103. Illadelph Halflife- IN
104. The Carter- OUT
105. Blackout!- OUT
106. Below The Heavens- IN
107. Ice Cream Man- IN
108. Back For The First Time- OUT
109. E.L.E.(Extinction Level Event)- IN
110. Above The Rim Soundtrack- IN
111. Friday Soundtrack- OUT
112. good kid m.A.A.d city- IN
113. Life Is Good- OUT
114. Control System- OUT
115. Country Grammar- OUT
116. Adrenaline Rush- IN
117. Venni Vetti Vecci- OUT
118. The B Coming- OUT
119. Regulate.....G Funk Era- IN
120. Take Care.....OUT
121. Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z.- OUT
122. Mr Scarface Is Back- OUT
123. We Are The Streets- OUT
124. A Piece Of Strange- OUT
125. Forrest Hills Drive- OUT
126. The Realness- OUT
127. Pilot Talk- OUT
128. Niggaz4Life- IN
129. Just Tryin Ta Live- IN
130. Movin On-
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