For all the 2pac haters.

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People clown on him for "not being real" but you gotta admit. He kept it REAL. He let it be known that he did ballet, went to a private school (so did Notorious BIG), tried to sell drugs and failed but the thing that separates him from the rest is that he admitted it! He grew up in the struggle. IMO, he's the missing member of NWA during that time. You wouldnt do interviews exposing yourself like that in the rap game. I gained much more respect for Pac when he admitted that.

Today, I doubt you will see Lil Wayne make a documentary about how he "became a blood." Just because "your bro is affiliated" doesnt mean your allowed into the gang. You gotta get jumped in, murk a rival, pull licks, earn your strips. If im not mistaken, I thought Nola cats repped their Wards and not colors.

Same thing with Rick Ross. It took him awhile to admit that he was a pig but my bet is his PR people told him to admit that he was a cop. Everybody was callin him out and if he didnt address it, his career is over. It was a business move but you know dam well he wouldnt of said shit if it was up to him.

What do you think?


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