Federal Government planning to block marijuana legalization....

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The U.S. government is likely to block marijuana
legalization initiatives approved by voters in Colorado
and Washington, declaring that federal law preempts
them, the Washington Post reports. The Justice
Department and the White House Office of National Drug
Control Policy have been mute about the ballot
One administration official suggested that the
administration’s silence was a deliberate strategy to avoid
antagonizing liberal voters in Colorado, a crucial swing
state.“It was a battleground state,” said the official.
administration official, who spoke on the condition of
anonymity because he was not authorized to talk
publicly. Federal drug policy director Gil Kerlikoske has
cited studies finding that "marijuana potency has almost
tripled over the last 20 years, raising serious concerns
about what this means for public health.” The president’s
2012 National Drug Control Strategy says “the
legalization of drugs will not be considered.”


Welp....this oughta get interesting.


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