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Sup, yall. It's Monday so a nigga need to vent a lil.

Ayt so couple of weeks ago I got promoted so my income bracket stepped up a lil. I aint saying my money Nia Long or nothing but I'm finna be comfy... So I got into an argument with my Ex over some minor bullshit the other day and bitch promised to get back @ me where it hurts. I know this bitch stay trifling so was like "ayt...lemme leave this argument b4 she starts wilin' outta control."

A week later I get some papers come thru... I'm thinking wat the fuck is this shit. I proceed to open it and guess what??


This is the bullshit we get for having a child with a bitch. Young niggas yall need to stay strapped in these mean streets...bitches stay plotting on our downfall once they kno they aint got any value in our lives anymore. Just some man-2-man advice yo, stay strapped but if u still wanna EBRC atleast make sure she got her own finances in check or otherwise shit will bite u right in the neck wen shit getz sour.

P.S. No I aint a deadbeat, I been providing 4 my seed since birth, bitch just tryna fuck me up.

*end of vent*


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