Ladies, I had my first flawless victory over a woman who clowned me....

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And it was AWESOME!

Long story short, there was this girl I had a crush on in high school that clowned the fuck outta me. Turn me down, that's whatever, but this girl had her friends laughing at a nigga. "Ain't nobody fuckin' wit' yo NEEEEEERD ass WHITE BOY!" I'll never forget it, public fuckin' humiliation.

WELLL!!!!....I saw this bitch at the bar this weekend. I was with my friend, and I was coming straight from the office, so I was dressed business casual(slacks, oxford, v-neck sweater, and a blazer). Anyways, I see her and she does the "HEEEY! OH MY GOD! HOW ARE YOU?!" Anyways, I tell her what I'm doing now and shit, and we're talking. I'm over it(for the most part), so it was just a 'hey, how are things, let's make small talk while I get my drink" type deal.

So I'm headed back to my table and she asks for my card saying "Yah, we should definitely grab a drink some time."

Now, at this point, she'd already told me "yah, I'm just trying to figure out what I'm doing, I'm working at best buy." I'm not knocking working at best buy, you can't find a job you can't find a job.....but did this bitch think I forgot how she had a room of 30 people laughing at me when I was 15? It's damn near a decade later, but I dont' forget shit bitch.

So, I did what any vindictive scorned nigga would do, I laughed at her and said, "sweetie, be honest, do you REALLY think we're in the same league?" And walked off.

mean? Yes.
Juvenile? Yes
Uncalled for? Maybe

But god DAMN did it feel good.
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