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More Deserving of Comeback Player of the Year: P. Manning or A. Peterson?

Already Home_17Already Home_17 Posts: 14,479 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited November 2012 in From the Cheap Seats
i seen an argument on first take about which one of these two deserve MVP more. since i felt its too early to decide, but comeback player of the year will definitely come down to these two

Peyton Manning: missed all of last season due to 4 procedures on his neck, released by the colts after 14 seasons, arm strength in question, ability to take hits were questionable, the team he chose to sign to raised eyebrows especially since teams like the 49ers were interested in him

season stats:
Yards: 2,705
TDs: 21
Int: 6

team record: 6-2

Adrian Peterson: tore his ACL and MCL late last season. people questioned whether he should start the first week of this season, even if his game would ever be the same

season stats:
carries: 195
Yards: 1,128
YPC: 5.8
TDs: 7

team record: 6-4

More Deserving of Comeback Player of the Year: P. Manning or A. Peterson? 66 votes

Peyton Manning
bull6599almighty breezehueyvageneral08Cutler 26 INT's LOL!newOldSchoolPanchoYoSanchoGlockLesnar its....JOHN BShizlanskyAK.aPHillYisILLTheBoyRosapo614Young GunnerFigoblu197PiffyHazeParallelMatt-blackjack2012 20 votes
Peyton Manning
CoolJoeKushingtonReggie80woah316 4 votes
Adrian Peterson
wilberdmillznorthside7buttuh_bocelotnasmandrumarc123greenwood1921CP203infamous114dbrazil412vagrant-718Cymicaldaneaf.r.i.c.a.dallas' 4 evadamobb2deepunspoken_respectt_m_a_c_f_a_n73088Will MunnyFlyFreeCtBDBIID 42 votes


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