Role Models: Held to Impossible Standards of Perfection or Reasonable Expectations of Greatness?

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Based on the new Elmo pedophile thread I just checked out. A poster made a comment about Kevin Clash being a positive black male role model. This brought something to my mind that I have noticed a lot in the media and the thought processes of the general public. Individuals hold ridiculously high standards to entertainers, or anybody in the public eye really - to the point where making mistakes, which humans are prone to doing, is condemned, punished mercilessly, and frequently ends careers. It is absolutely absurd though, considering that the people who hold these expectations often times are dead beats, single-parents, ex-sluts/whores, drop outs, and all other types of people that many would deem "losers and failures" solely based on their mistakes.

Not excusing pedophilia by any means, it should be discouraged and youth should be allowed to fully mature physically and mentally before engaging in sexual relationships with anyone really. I just don't see how a slip up should really ruin someone's entire history, image and life like that when those who chastise these role models the most for their mistakes do worse a lot of the time.

Do you agree that we often hold these role models to impossible standards of perfection, or would you be more inclined to say that these expectations of greatness & infallibility are realistic and without a doubt reasonable?


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