Stuffwhitepeoplelikes questions about black women and black vagina (freepost)

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Or does she require a feeling of fullness that most white men can't offer size wise?
I gotta admit, as a guy having a pussy all tight with a crazy grip on your dick feels orgasmic so I would assume just being stuffed with a big 'ol 6-10 NBA player's monkey dick would feel pretty good for a girl.
My penis looks like what the guy from has, could I ever satisfy an african stallion like this?


here's how I told this girl who lives half a country away from me I like her;

SixSickSinsKingJamalCocoa_ButterSleepwalkingInJapanDarthRozayLUClENParallelEl PayasoCottonCitySlimAjackson17J. Willa.manndeadeyedwade206DupacTonyDubbzBodhidallas' 4 evaOsirus_JenkinsHyenaKillalocksmith1Africa UnitedTrillaaaaaanj2089VulcanRaven#1 pickAlready Home_17unspoken_respectpurpngold


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