The Saga Continues

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Serious thread. Want some opinions.

So, ive been married 3 or 4 years... i think 3. Have a 5 year old and a 4 year old.
Just like many, i'm just trying to make it, and have a good family life. Anyway, as
some know, i do go thru the struggles many folk have in marriage. Had a long talk
the other night with wifey, and she hit me with some shit that has me confused. Yall
help a nigga out.

During the conversation, i basically asked what she would do if she found out i had another
kid, from stepping out on her. I asked if she would stay with me, and if she would allow me
to have the kid as apart of my kids with her's life. She said she would.

So, i'm not really believing that, but, imma keep pressing the limits, might as well find out her thoughts.

So, i said, well, what if i had a mistress, you down with that?
She said she wouldnt like it, but, would try to accept it.....
At THAT, i went ahead and interjected: Hey, dont say you'd be down, and go cop some
revenge/side dick. I aint with that. Either be with me, or not. I know it would be a double standard,
but, "you dont get a nigga back like that". She answered that she'd never be with another man if we
were still together...........

At this point, im thinking i'm getting trolled. I reinterated that these were hypothetical questions.....
So, i went full "Big Love" with it.

I was like...... well, would you be down with me having a mistress that lives in the crib with us?
You know they do shit like that in Spain???? What if we had a kid?

Long pause.

She was like...... Well, I wouldnt share my bed with another woman, if that's what you thinking.
But you are a great man, and i'd put up with things i shouldnt, just to be in your life. I cant go back
to other men. I'd hope you wouldnt put me in that position, but i can't say id walk away. I asked what
about your family, what they'd think of you? She said fuck them. SHe also said, if i ever had another kid,
she'd want them under my roof, so all my kids could grow up together.

Am i right in thinking she bullshittin?
Or should i take this as a free pass to have a side piece and not hide it?
Try to keep the insults to the minimum and the insights to the max.

I dont have an in state side piece lined up, nor do i have any kids coming,
nor do i plan to move in another chick. Im just trying to find out what the fuck
is wrong with her lol.


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