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Hip Hop In The Year Of 1994

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First Year of The 3 Greatest Years of Hip Hop

In 1994, hip hop at that time was raw and from the heart. Rappers actually got along, but didn't saturate their albums with guest appearances. There was no such thing as the industry's hottest producer laying tracks for anybody and everybody just to get a $200,000 paycheck. Radio was comparatively willing to take chances and MCs didn't need a female or high-pitched man singing on their hooks to get spins.

Amongst a handful of classics that released in 94, there were 3 who stood out from all the rest....


Illmatic was the first classic LP to come out that year and it quickly became the benchmark. "When I made Illmatic, I was a little kid in Queensbridge trapped in the ghetto," Nas reflected in 2001, shortly before the release of Stillmatic. "My soul was trapped in the Queensbridge projects."

Illmatic is one of the legendary hip hop albums, often considered by many fans as the greatest hip hop album of all-time.The chipped-tooth metaphor master poured his heart into his street narrations and they resonated with everyone. The album was also backed up by some of the greatest producers of all-time, DJ Premier, Large Professor, Q-Tip, Pete Rock and L.E.S.. Each of these producers give Nas some of their best beats for him to spit his jewels over and each individual beat is truly great.


Another classic and highly anticipated album to release this year was ¨Ready 2 Die¨. Ready to Die is a very complete album with all types of songs, from robberies, to growing up in the stuggle, playin' and flossin', braggin' and most importantly death.The production is a classic display of '94 east coast production, some really great hard hitting beats from a variety of producers with Easy Moe Bee handling the most. Eventhough Dr.Dre didnt produce a song on the album his influnce was still present, with Biggie rapping over g-funk on the song "Big Poppa" and he suceeded well as it became a really huge hit and instant classic.

While creating one of the most successful hip hop labels of alltime and co-producing an instant classic ,Sean Combs (Puffy at the time) also took time out to direct the first video for this up and coming group out of Atlanta by the name of Outkast.


With all due respect to the Geto Boys, UGK and 8Ball/MJG, they all paved the way but this is really the album that put the south on the hip hop map and really gave the region a sound of its own. This is in a big part due to the monster sound that the producers Organized Noize came up with which is a perfect mixture of hard drums, thick bass and smooth guitar licks. Big Boi and Dre were still young on this release but they instantly rose up in the "elite" rank of rappers, and altho their style was all about pimpin' and playin' they offer quite a performance on this LP.

Living in a time where we´re lucky to have 2 new truly talented artist come in the game per year, its hard to imagine how it mustve been in 1994 , where there was so many dope artist and even more importantly none of them sounded the same.

Im not going to break down every album, but here´s a list of hiphop albums 1994 produced.......

Illmatic- Nas
Ready To Die- Biggie
Southernplayalisiticcadilacmuzik- Outkast
Resurection - Common
Hard To Earn - GangStarr
The Diary - Scarface
Thug Life - Tupac
Tical - Methodman
Dare Iz a Darkside - Redman
The Sun Rises in the East - Jeru the Damaja
Stress: The Extinction Agenda - Organized Konfusion
Creepin On The Come Up - Bone Thugs N Harmony
CrazySexyCool -TLC
The Main Ingrediant - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Funkdafied - Da Brat
Warren G - Regulate.... G Funk Era
Super Tight - UGK
6 Feet Deep - Gravediggaz
8Ball and MJG -On The Outside Looking In
Digable Planets - Blowout Comb

Theres alot more that released that year, but yall get the point.....................


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