Ladies nite, and my girl just gotin 30 mins ago

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so i been dealing with my new chick for 2 months now, its been going fairly good

Last nite her & and the girls went out, I agreed to watch her 3 month old son & 10 month old daughter, the other 4 kids were with their dads

the bars here close at 1:30 am on weeknites, so when i woke up at 4am for work she hadnt come in yet, i didnt call her cuz i didnt wanna come off as insecure....she waltz in the door at about 6:30 am & hops in shower

I got a hour drive to get to work and my start time was 6am, so im going to be a hour late.....i have to watch her kids at 3pm because she has a hair appointment at 3:30pm, since im going to be late for work my boss will make me stay a hour later, so should i just turn around, go home, & call in

What would you do?
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