Indecent Proposal

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For those who are in a relationship...the few women that are on here chime in also...

Everybody has a price is what I stand on

Women that's on here and are in love with their s/o
If dude you're loving comes home and be like "My boss lady offered me 650 (lets start off low) to be with her for one night"
Would you let him be with the chick for one night and you know about it..he has the respect to tell you..

Fellas would you let your woman that you're involve with (knowingly) sleep with another dude for a price. Even if dude ask you man to man.."eh folk you're lady is nice looking, here's 600 hunnid start off low)..let me have her for one night" to sleep with your main lady

My bad if this shit has been made already

What's your price..and please don't give me that "ole my body aint got a price bullshit ass line" cuz it does


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