Do Women Take Rape Seriously?

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I've been wondering this question for the longest of times? Do women actually consider the severity and trauma effects of of such a brutal and violent experience on not only themselves, but their fellow sisters? There was this straight up dykin' chick who came into my "preparing niggas for college class." This idiot hoe actually had nerve to enough to say that, "you don't have to show intimacy through sexual intercourse. You do it other ways such touching and mutual masturbation." I'm like "what the fuck?" That's the equivalent of coppin' a bag of sour diesel, going to Juan'em at the bodega to get a blunt, rollin' up the blunt, then puttin' the blunt on the coffee table and just looking at it. Y'all all know what's going to happen to that blunt, you've going to take that muthafucka to the head on be "on one." This fool ass dykin' bitch wench was encouraging young and impressionable women to knowingly put themselves into dangerous situations. How dykes express intimacy isn't the same in the normal heterosexual world.

Also, you have to factor in all of the false rape allegations that have come down through the years. Kobe, the Duke Lacross team, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and Greg Kelly, (NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's son,) these are the high profile cases we know about. Just thing about about the poor dudes who don't have the power, influence, and money to "lawyer up," and took the plea deal, or lost at trial. Also adding insult to injury, are women's organizations such as N.O.W. who want to claim that there's a "stigma," and these supposed victims need to be protected. Okay, cool, if there's a stigma to rape and women want it to be taken seriously, shouldn't feminists be the first ones demanding that women be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law? Shouldn't feminist align themselves with men's rights advocates demanding that filing a false rape allegation be classified as a "hate crime?" Then there's the press that withhold these malevolent and vile creatures from the public that only goes to facilitate this nonsense. The alleged prepetrator has his identity known and is reputation smeared, while the lying bitch gets to hide behind the cloak of anonymity, even after the allegations are proved false. If you remember in the Duke case, (as with any false rape case,) the press will still refer to the mendacious hoe as the "victim." If there was no rape, what is the purpose in not revealing her identity.

As usual, it's us men that are held to higher standard and level of responsibility. We're suppose to acknowledge that "no means no," and for the sake of our personal freedom, it's on men to take all of the necessary precautions to in order to prevent becoming the victim of a false rape allegation. However, women bare none of the responsibility in regards to putting themselves into a situation in which a rape can occur, hell as I previously stated, they falsely accuse you of the heinous act with impunity. If women are going to hold the severity and rape in such a low regard, then ole Rex will treat rape will even less severity and seriousness. For Rex to be more concern about a situation more than you are is a twisted and perverse situation that Rex isn't going to entertain or be a part of.


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