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Sex and love dissociated,
My principle and passion now cooperated,
I came to this conclusion as a result of actions and a fate id known from the start,
Love - a vulnerability in my heart,
Sex - a loneliness that pursues you,
Society is likely to laugh at my views,
To only have sex with a girl you love,
As love making was a taboo and judged from above,
Can sex still be called sex without creation?
Or merely a celebrated form of masturbation?
How come its everybody’s main fixation?
Mass media pushing sex on the nation,
Pornography helping the deprived since windows 95,
Designed for people who never have any luck?
Facebook sluts never seem to get enough,
Love reflected only in plays,
Television screens demanding your sex count to raise,
How I met your MILF Xxx Brazzers & Kristina Rose,
I’m sorry but my computers froze,
Recently I’ve lost my first true love,
I lost a connection,


I wish everybody a lifetime filled of Love.

Practice safe sex.



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