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my boo and i have been arguing lately, it has alot to do with me not being submissive enough, like when he tells me to do shit,i dont do it. a. cos his not my dad, b. who made him the boss of me.
and its like the shit he wants me to do makes sense but i just cant follow his orders cos like wtf who made u god.
He says im always trying to take control and im always trying to be the man in our relationship (sooo not true)
But i get it, men like to feel like men..but why i gotta sacrifice myself and my leadership for this shit.
Ionno what im gon do, as its starting to become as issue, i think part of it is that im scared of looking like a fool just doing whatever he says..idk man maybe when i 'fall in love' with him itll be differentand ill WANT to do what he says
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