Ever been to a House Party? Share Your Experience!

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Heres the background story...

As most of you know im an ATL promoter. Well this week I got into an argument with the other promoters on my Saturday night club event over money. Basically I felt that I deserved a larger % of the door of the club. So to prove that I deserve this larger percentage they challenged me to throw a house party on Saturday Night that does better than the club(Obsessions).

So basically Im throwing a huge ATLANTA Project-X House Party Tomorrow and I'm inviting the whole city! If you wanna come just private message me and I'll send you the address and all the details.

Im trying to make this House Party super crazy and epic because I gotta prove myself, my money and my ego is on the line.

So please give me any tips/ideas for this House Party to help make it extra fun/crazy! Also please share some of your prior House Party experiences and tell me what you liked or disliked!


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