Hitting it Raw Scenario .. Your take.

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Lets say:

Your going on a trip with a chick that you've been banging out from time to time.
She lives outta state. Shes your friend-girl but... nothing is confirmed and she likes you...... ALOT.

You 2 plan a trip to Cancun for a week.
Shes like "Ima go ahead and take the pill so you can HIT IT RAW!."
She reassures you that she doesn't want any kids either... but if in the 2% chance that something goes wrong
she aint about to abort!

Do you trust her? Do You hit it right and raw that week and Nut up in her?

I mean.. lets be honest.. this is your opportunity to live the dream. Nuttin in a chick and not making any babies.

Do you take her at her word fellas?


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