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a fucking great blog for music lovers to discover so many great albums is now no longer sharing albums. DAMN!!!!!! time to go to the archives and download some jazz and blues albums.......

yep. you’re not on the wrong blog…. this is Rappamelo.

let me explain:

I love to do the blog… really i do…. but…. too much stress in last 3-4 months so i decided that it was time to change.

What means CHANGE???

no more “links” that’s for sure (and if you liked rappamelo just because of the links you can close this page right now)

but: news, articles, mixes, free stuff and much more.

if you are thinking that all this is related to comments to the “famous” post… nope! they surely pushed me to do it right now but to be honest the whole process started back in August, i had some email exchange with “a guy” (i won’t say who he is but i love his art) that proposed me to be involved on his website on doing something like this….. then he made me thinking on doing this by myself.

no you don’t have to blame him or anyone else because it’s MY decision, my initial idea was “let’s finish this year and then move on” so it was just matter of time.

as you can see the blog right now is empty, the old one is currently running here > but it won’t stay online forever so be quick if you may have missed something.

Don’t like the new Rappamelo? hey… i don’t want to sound like an asshole but… you are free.


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