so the guy who drank from my furry cup just had a baby

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LAWD member i told yall bout this guy back in summer who licked my punani? how that nigga just have a baybay? and the baby mama all over his facebook like 'our little angel, ' out precious baby' went on her fb page (never knew he even had a pregnant gf!!) she on there talking bout her other half (him) blahblahblah

im out here weebaying cos this the same niggas asking to be with me, trying to fuck and parently make thangs offical (niggas be lyyinnnn) talmbout the portugese in him and the nigerian in me would make a cute ass baby, NIGGA shit at the time u had one on the waaayy but you out there with a pregnant GIRLFRIEND, she would have been atleats 6 months pregnant at the time....

FUCK MAN guesss what im trying to say is niggas really aint shit,
bet next day nigga kissing the poor lady with my pussy residue still on his moustache :( damn shame
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