Ima Degenerate...

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Shit you not,an escort fell in love with me, I gamed her up real good,plus im like the black shawn michaels, so now shes become my sex toy. I only gave her bread once when we first met.

Love to her is basically not chargin me to fuck,cryin all over me,then havin me do all her fantasies to her. I find myself sexually thrilled,apalled,and liberated.

I always strap up, always.

Ima need a good woman to save me from this sorcery.

Will I ever lead a regular life?

I feel ashamed and proud all at once?

Yo, what would u do?

Do u think it needs to stop?

You ever find yourself in a sexual relationship or situation that you enjoyed but thought was not right ir against what you planned for yourself?

Share your debauchery!



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