this was that facebook twerk video i told ya about////

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now yall assumed the bitch was the finest....i never promised she was fine like that....all i said was she made a twerk video and i wanted to post it up to the ic

by the way...that fb icon dont work for fb videos....its to link alllhiphop to your wall

she made this one yesterday
Gold_CertificateSleepwalkingInJapangnsKeepOnPushingStewDMTxTHCMatt-Ajackson17Got Em ShookParallelBilly_PonchoCocoa_ButtersatyroneDirty SanchezOmegaConflict$ineedmoney$PurrHyenaKillaJabu_Rulepurpngold5th LetterCP203VulcanRaveninfamous114King Erauno


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