miss marley appreciation thread

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as most of us could attest, miss marley has always been one of the most beautiful, classiest, elegant, motherly, and amazing woman, and poster all together to ever grace the IC. There are times where I even think she might be too good for the IC. Shes just way too pure by a large margin to even associate with you heathens, yet at the same time her angelic aura works like a force field keeping her from being tainted by those savages who have absolutely no business being in her presence.

the majority of the time I spoke, quoted, or pmed her, I was met with no response, and for this I blame myself. Due to being mesmerized by her beauty, I nearly went mad and spoke to her in a crass, rude, and uncalled for manner, when I should of realized she is out of my league and secretly admired her from a far, in the shadows unseen and unable to offend her with my presence. Even though guys like me never get girls like that, I will always appreciate and cherish the gifts she gave me by allowing me to read her post.

I love this woman. I would kill for this woman. I would die for this woman.

thank you miss marley

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