Have You or Would You Take a Case For Somebody?

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I had recently gotten my first car, (a brown Ford Fairmont,) my boys and I decided to go to the club that night, a spot called "After Dark," in Walnut Creek, CA. It was myself, plus three of my friends, my best friend D, and my potnas, Saiyez (who is halfway through his 25 to Life bid because he "struck out,") and Big Moe (R.I P.) Moe was a good dude, ironically he was an Explorer with the Richmond Police Department, it was Moe's life dream to be a cop. However, Moe started to give in to the temptations that came having a family being involved with criminal activity coupled with being from North Richmond.

Before we left he put the .38 in glove compartment. The piece of shit car had busted tail light which caused the police to become involced in our lives. Since Moe was the better driver, I left him drive. When the cops asked for the registeation, my dumbass forgot two important facts, the registration was in the window and the "thang," was in the glove compartment, the muthafucka damnnear fell un my lap. I immediately closed the glove compartment, but the damage was done. I was charged with possession of a firearm. To show how long ago this was and how times have changed I was ORed and placed on three years unsupervised probation. The thought never once occurred on me to tell on Moe, I was partially to blame for allowing the strap in the and of course forgetting it was in the glove compartment. What Moe should have did was cop to the .38. Though I did catch a case, I dud earn the respect and admiration of my friends.

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