Integratin' your SO with your friends...

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Ight so on Saturday I was out with four of my boys, two of which brought their girls.

Two of my niggas were very critical of the way my other friend's girl was behavin'...Basically, her and her man were mad drunk and dancin' sloppily...She was bendin' over and kept losin' her balance, so she grabbed either myself or the other three niggas whenever she thought she'd fall...

Next day them niggas call me like, "Yo man...she's suspect...why was she touchin' me?"...I didn't think it was a big deal...but one of my boys in particular was adamant she took the piss...That's coz his girl also came out with us...and their behaviour couldn't have been more different from the other couples...They didn't drink, didn't dance, she didn't try talk to the rest of us...In fact they just stood on the sides and left two hours before we did...

Question, how do you go about integratin' your man/girl with your friends?


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