ATTN: Towers, Omega Conflict, Waterproof, PapsSmear And Any Other Lame A$$ F@ggots

b@squ1@t reduxb@squ1@t redux i can tell by your mustache youve never been involved in street activitiesiguana blood poseidon DNA slangin zeus dickPosts: 13,035 ✭✭✭✭✭
i see how you roll and i'm ready to dispose of you irl.

meet me at 9:30pm SHARP in the parking lot of banco popular on irving park and harlem across from the harlem irving mall.

on the irving park rd side behind the bus stop bench next to dunkin donuts.

bring some of ur boys or whatever the fuck u need to feel comfortable because i'm gonna mutilate ur fuckin ass again faggots.

i got nothin better to do tonite than beat the holy livin fuck outta some fuck boy retard bulldogs.

bring a shank, bring a pipe, bring a gun...whatever the fuck u think u need playboy(s).
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