Grinnell College's Jack Taylor scores NCAA record 138 points

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Grinnell's Jack Taylor didn't just amend the NCAA's record books when he scored 138 points -- a new collegiate high mark -- in his team's 179-104 victory over Faith Baptist Bible Tuesday night. The Division III star wrote a new chapter.

By the end of the night, Taylor was 52-for-108 (27-for-71 from the 3-point line) and he'd established a new collegiate record.

Taylor wasn't the only star of the game. Faith Baptist Bible's David Larson scored 70 points (34-for-44). But the two didn't discuss their parallel shooting success during the game, Taylor said.

Oklahoma Thunder star Kevin Durant also was astounded by the 108 shots.

"Jack Taylor you deserve a shot of Jack Daniels after that performance," Durant tweeted.

Before Tuesday's mind-boggling performance, Taylor said he worked on his shot more than he had in the past. On Sunday and Monday, Taylor said, he took a "couple 100" shots before practice. Taylor had made just 11 of 41 shots entering Tuesday's game, struggles that inspired those extra reps.

It all paid off against Faith Baptist Bible.


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