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I come to entertain u with my current L. I had separated from my wife not too long ago off and on for like 2 yrs now. One of these times I met up with my old GF,we hit off reconnected all was good just the fact she lived out of state, it went as far as it could. Now when i met her i didnt tell her I was separated...while on trip with the kids and Ex, she calls the girl, spills the beans GF ends it.

Ok so after that wife decides lets try it one more time, so we did everything was cool , i cut off old hoes , aint been out in months, no drinkin day i get a text from a family member who knows ol girl said she got the Big i text like u cool u aight ? thats how it started , then we'd talk quick like everynow and again .

I go to get food for the fam tonite, set my fucking phone on the counter guess who texts? I didnt even see the shit , the wife grabs her shit and just dips like wtf?? I get to the garage she on the phone with the GF they arguin ...the GF tellin her" bitch he wanna be here he just there for them kids"...wife is trippin soundin like Mike Epps " call the bitch " " tell her " shit was cray...the GF calls me talkin bout just tell her the truth and shit...another L cuz its true but i cant leave my kids just cuz i love a chick 8,000 miles away. So now a nigga kicked out again annnnnddddddd me and GF aint talkin on some salty shit. I added 7 L's but i could be wrong.
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