Lupe Fiasco Food and Liquor II >> Kendrick Lamar Good Kid, M.A.A.D City

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I hate to bust some people's bubble, but I think lupe's Food and Liquor II is better than Lamar's Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City. Lupe's lyrics goes in. His lyrics hits home with a lot of issues in the hip hop, black and American community in general. His lyrics are not just preachy like others, but rides the beat well and has rhythmic songs you can nod your head to. And of course, Lupe's lyrics give you artistic metaphors and similes that get your creativity going along with great beats. You can also listen to the album from beginning to the end (although you can do that to with Kendrick Lamar's at times.)

I also feel the album is what hip hop and the world needs in turns of knocking down stereotypes and misperceptions on both sides of the table. It's a good album.

Lamar's album, although tries to knock out a message by the end of the album, I feel it still goes through that typical gangsta typical cliche we hear so much now on the radio and whatnot.

Both albums are nice, but I got to give it to Food and Liquor II. Lupe did it again with this Food and Liquor album.
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    In terms of substanstial content, I feel Lupe's album is better .. 'Hood Now' is IMO Top 5 HipHop song this year

    Kendrick's album is more entertaining as a whole package though

    Anytime 'Money Trees' comes on I do the Boogie Shuffle ..

    Both very solid albums depending on your musical mood
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    Nah can't agree.

    Lyrical content is strong on Lupe but I have already listened to KL album 100 x more.
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    Hmmm... psuedo preaching (which I do appreciate) or a masterful directorial effort... yea, I'ma go with the short movie.

    gkmc >>>>>> no contest
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    Lupe's album is nice. Lyrics are heavy his flow is off the charts. It's definitely a top notch album with a message which is very hard to pull off especially at the level of lyricism.

    There are a few tracks that are a little too pop for me but as a whole he really did his thing. I still think I like Kendrick's album more though.
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    mohamed wrote: »
    Nah...lyrically it might be on par but as far cohesiveness and song quality, no way. The production on F&L2 doesnt fit his lupe's style to me. And this is what separates kendrick from Lupe and even Nas (ques nas stans), his ability to craft songs that fits his style perfectly, which gives his music an effortless sound. F&L 2 sounds forced to me.

    that's a great analysis. 100% co-sign
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    nobody saw kendrick this year lupe is my nigga too but nice try.
    the gkmc movie >>> albums
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    killaguwop wrote: »
    nobody saw kendrick this year lupe is my nigga too but nice try.
    the gkmc movie >>> albums

    Exactly shit was more like a movie not an album. Everything about it from the diversity, the cohesiveness, the story he told, the production, the lyrics, etc. makes it a much better album. LIG and Control System> F&L II as well...
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    FNL 2 has no real replay value to me it was a decent album but nothing special. Maad city is something special
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    na, im a hardcore Lupe fan, but F&L II isnt better than GKMC
    he uses the same flow almost on every track.
    production wise its almost the same shit over and over.
    there's like 3 tracks i always skip, one after the other.
    Lupe had to make a radio friendly single, Kendrick didnt do that.
    Lupe did the thing he's been doing for a while, bitchin and moanin
    Kendrick told his story.
    Lupe should have listened to Brother Ali's album "Mourning In America And Dreaming In Color"
    hell, subject wise, the Brother Ali album is the same thing, but Ali spits even better than Lupe did on F&L2
    i like F&L2 and to me it has a lot of replay value, but GKMC got even more replay value, and i dont skip any track there
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    Nurp. F&L 2 is coo, tho
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    Kendrick flow iz too choppy. I just don't buy the hype. Lyrically Lupe is nicer and it aint close my nigga. Yall know it too but niggaz seem to give the advantage to a nigga if he hot at the time. Which is wack imo. Just because a artist no longer got the machine behind him dont make the next artist nicer
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    yup, it is, but let the new artist get his shine
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    Kendrick flow iz too choppy. I just don't buy the hype. Lyrically Lupe is nicer and it aint close my nigga. Yall know it too but niggaz seem to give the advantage to a nigga if he hot at the time. Which is wack imo. Just because a artist no longer got the machine behind him dont make the next artist nicer

    Niggas was hyping up K.Dot for 2yrs straight in the IC. Move around with that "new hype" shit
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    what kind of retarded ass statement is:
    well he's new and he's hot at the time, so he's obviously overrated.
    GKMC sounds better than F&L II, you may argue that Lupe is better lyrically, but the album wasnt about spittin' its a concept album, it tells a story, and as a concept it works better than FL II, cause every song fits, in FL II there's also a concept, but where does Battle Scars-Heart Donor-How Dare You-Brave Heart fit? all of those are skippeable songs, thats what almost ruined the album for me.
    why put all the weak songs one after the other?
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    Dang I've forgotten about Lupe. And Lupe is my dude. After his last I thought he was done fo. Great lyricism on FNL2. Lupe's album does touch on all these issues, but it's very preachy in a direct way, consistently through the album.

    I gotta go with K Dot. There are messages, jewels. But they are more easily digestible. And that depth is balanced against lighter moments.

    When Lupe album dropped, within my FB network, it was radio silence. Since GKMC, it's been all types of lyric and skit quoting and praise. And I gotta a pretty diverse FB network.

    It's like the game isn't fun for Lupe any more.
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    Food and liquor 2 is good but it gets boring mid-way though. GKMC doesn't bore at all whatsoever.
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    Nope. Ima huge huge huge Lupe fan, and the album overrated itself. The black cover, the bold album title, and the suspense and background story of Lupe cooperate label struggles prepared me to to hear to some revolutionary, epic, powerful shit. But the album was very lackluster. The album was dope, but very forgetable. Lupe repetitive flow becomes stale, which results in a lack of replay value. And the theme was not consistent and clear enough. First listen= 4.5-5. Lasting effect=3.5-5

    One album that's was extremely underrated this year that challange GKMC was XV Poular Cutlure. The theme was very very creative (listen to Jedi Night) very brilliant, production was extremely impressive, and the diversion of music had something for eveyone. The alum was very ambitious and entertaining. And it's one of the mixtapes/albums that literally get better with age. First listen =3-5. Lasting appeal= 4.5-5.

    GKMC will is just amazing.....
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