Fellas, let's keep it real...

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How many of y'all have caught an STD before?

My story is.....had unprotected sex with a 8.5/10 broad about 6 weeks ago and 3 weeks later I got real sick. I inhaled a gang of nitrous oxide the weekend before getting sick so I thought that might have been it. But I've had this cough that's been lingering for 2 weeks now. It burns when I pee, my nuts are swollen and since its thanksgiving weekend, I can't get checked anywhere!
I'm leaving to San Francisco on Friday morning with my girl and won't get back until Sunday. So I have to deal with this shit for the next 5 days or so. I'm sweating bullets people. I've told my girl I have UTI so we can chill on the sex this weekend. I am fucking up. I know it's bad if its left untreated but I want to know how long left untreated before shit starts getting real.

Major L so late in the year.


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