Stuff I don't like about the New 52

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Now we've all enjoyed most of the re branding that DC has gone through over the past two years, but here's some stuff I just can't rock with. A list of complaints if you will. The list will most likely grow and please feel free to add on. Some of these complaints are about stuff that's in progress but atm I gotta question and gripe about.

Why did Joker cut his face off only to return and slap that shit back on with clamps? (I'll credit that to insanity)

Also, where the fuck WAS the Joker for that whole year? Did he really spend a year underground just to come back with this plot of recreating him and batman's first encounters? (hopefully will be explained later on)

Lois Lane not with Superman. Okay I really didn't care about this one untill....

Superman and Wonder Woman are messing with each other. Stop! No! Dear God please do not let this shit happen. I'm tired of this cliche' ass pairing. Please tell me Batman is about to Fayettenam bomb this shit to pieces.

Speaking of Batman, I just gotta say...5 fucking books? Don't get me wrong, Batman will always and forever be that nigga...but FIVE FUCKING BOOKS? They really gave this nigga 5 books all surrounded by what Batman's doing? We got Batman, Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman and Robin, then Batman Incorporated, and Detective Comics. You telling me DC got no other characters in the background somewhere that can get a run? Is that what you're telling me? Because it sounds like that's exactly what you're telling me. Nobody else can get a solo run? My nigga Jackson Hyde(Aqualad) can't get no tick? SMH

More Starling. That bitch is trill

Why is Static not with the Teen Titans yet?

Starfire forgetting who she was and basically letting the whole team smash

This third wave of series is wack.

Even though it's been good so far wtf thought Animal Man was deserving of a solo?

It seems like I'm waiting long as hell for a new issue each month.


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