The Dark Knight Rises was flippin trash, b

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Lets be honest for a minute. I know a lot of you were caught up in the Batman/ Bane hype but it has been 5 months since the release so I expect honesty.

The plot was everywhere. They tried to fit too much into the story and a lot things really didn't make sense.

Bane voice was terrible. A lot of people glorified that megaphone Irish accent bs.

Christian Bale had yet another wack performance as Batman.

Wack mini plot twist at the end with Bruce's bitch being evil.

The fight scene with Batman and Bane was wack as fuck. Really nigga you have all these gadgets and all you do is use smoke bombs? Wackest fight scene ever.

I watched the movie in June and hated it and was like maybe I missed something... rewatched it yesterday and it was still the same shitty overhyped movie. Bane had a few hot quotables and Catwoman was cool...everything else was eh.

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