Ill Pix Battle Dome, Posters Join Up, No Pics.

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iight, their has been alot of talk in ill pix about who the best poster is niggas talking smack and shit. So i thought maybe we should just settle it the real way, the only way, by posting the baddest bitches and let the other viewers/posters decide.

So im making this thread for all the ill pics posters who want to prove to everyone else they are the best in ill pix.

Any posters can join this tournament style contest, first 16 will get in this.

Rules are simple, the two battlers will have one post, 25 pictures, and 5 gifs. after the two posters made their post the community will vote for the better poster.

we can come up with doing the vote by poll or with GOAT emotions.

An thread with a poll is not the best way to judge who is the best, this is.

Mods can still do a thread for thread of the year or female of the year, but this is the best solution to see who is the best.
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