What Ladies Refuse to Accept and Understand About Being a Man

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I'm pretty big dude, 6ft, 208 lbs. However, if for some reason, I get into an altercation with a cat that's say 6' 4" and 230 lbs of solid muscle with MMA training, there's no need in me lying, I'm going to get fucked up.

There's something as a man, that I've known and accepted for so long that I can't tell exactly when I learned it. That thing is, don't start shit with people, you don't run from conflict, but you definitely don't start shit. We as men, understand that conflicts can cost you your freedom or the lives of your loved ones or even yourself. Understanding this rationale, most sane individuals will avoid confrontations. However, there are times when a violence comes a viable solution to a problem. If some dude is talking shit to me and is being disrespectful, we both understand that there might be a problem. If the other guy doesn't think there's going to be a problem, he's wrongly assumed that I'm going to b..... out and he'll have the unfortunate experience of finding out Rex is nobody's b....

Men also understand that if he pushes, kicks, hits, or God forbid spit upon another man, all bets are off a fight will ensue. Every man understands this from the wealthiest of prep boys to grimiest of hood dudes.

However, women have a different life experience. They go through life being able to pop off at the mouth and not suffering any repercussions for it. Women rarely have one-on-one fights. Chicks are more than likely to jump the next chick or pick on a knowingly weaker opponent. Then some are mistakenly are given some most hurtful and harmful advice that one could ever give a young lady, man is never under any circumstances is suppose to hit a woman. Couple this with b.... made that are taught the same silly advice, and makes for a bad situation. Women will go through life, talking shit to dudes, and some will get as bold to actually put their hands on a man, until one day, they get the rude, savage, and violent wake up call that they're not men.

Ladies, I know it's 2012, going on 2013 and you're "independent," and you think you can do everything that a man can do, even go toe-to-toe with him, but no matter how equal you think you are, and how much of man you think my be, (shout out to the studs,) you're biologically and physically you're not. Most men are stronger and taller than you and n.... that (like myself,) that don't adhere to that asinine nonsense about never hitting a woman will proceed to beat the fuck out of you as a matter of principle, especially if you're a d.... dude. Not saying that I would want to, but if I (God forbid,) have whoop on one of those d.... dudes when she/he/it resumed consciousness, she/he/it will realize the virtues of being a female and she will grow her hair long, buy lacy bras and panties, stockings, corsets, tight ass coochie cutter jeans, dresses, skirts, capri pants, and summer dresses.

Seriously though. Ladies, y'all (for you own well being,) have to stop coming out men any kind of way, like I said earlier, men don't even do that to other men and not every dude is going to give you break. Instead of having the thought in the back of your mind, ("Oh this n.... ain't gonna hit me.") You need to be like most dudes and assume that he IS going to hit you. Of course ole Rex knows this is going to fall upon deaf ears because this advice actually requires the two things that women abjectly refuse to do, and that is think and be responsible.


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