Is Camron a Top 10 lyricist of all time?

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I'm starting to think so. Even if you don't like cam's subject matter, you can't deny the way he puts his rhymes together is witty. His rhyme schemes and and complex multi-monoslylobic rhyming patterns remind me of kool g rap when i listen to him. Theres definitely similarities right there. No way is this cat garbage like some of yall claim he is. dudes got more quotables than biggie.

"Cat like you? I call you a Gladiator
Give her oral, and you happy, Glad-he-ate-her
Put the 9 on her cut, she a masturbator
Put my joint in her mouth, that's what fascinate her
I'm a legend now, past the player, past the player
Got the rock? Pass that player
I'm like Betty Crocker with cake, that's in layers
I had city issues before, ask the mayor
He said "Cam'ron, please stop this crack behavior"
He ain't know '96, I had a knack for Gators

I come through, laugh at haters,
bitches too, Wanna act, sitback, relax a player
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