Let me tell you why #Caincares.................

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...........I like giving females a helping hand without simping and thirsting after them. For instance here's carefully put together and thought out comments I have about the females on this board.

@sixsicksins beautiful young lady who has the heart of gold and the mind of a psychopath. Cross her if you want and your shit will be hacked and broadcast across the world :-(

@missk quiet flower of a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve. She will help out anybody and generally the nicest person the board. We have spoke numerous times no Vader though :-(

@mzgrahambitches the infamous Kat has been dogged numerous times on this board but she is a good person at heart. Just needs to scale back on the letting the IC know everything going on in her life.......she's working on that I see :-)

@kai_valya the venomous wordsmith who build you up and then shit on you in the same thread without a fuck to give and smile on her face at the same time. She is dittzy but fine as hell and to top off beautiful so she can't lose in my book.

@Kimi/Ms.Scorp my e-crush cause she is rich and I like rich chicks. Another etherous female poster who like Kat has been ran thru these IC streets but always came back to set shit straight. Kimi a good chick so it's all good.

@Taeboo the goat lurker of the boards. We have spoken a lot she is a very sweet lady and one of the nicest down to earth females on the board.

@Ambitiousone the infamous one herself. Most know she was tagged as a tranny and or a alias. She is cool once all the bullshit subsides heard her voice on tinychat so I'm convinced. IMO if she opened up a little more and killed the reactions smashing she would be good to go. Lol the WOAT cuss game on the board "fat baldheaded cunt slut" smh.

@Tabatha_ we have spoke a lot one of the cooler females on the board. We have spoken on the plight of the black male often and I put her on to some ol school music. She put me on to some great new artist as well. She is a very beautiful woman believe me ;-)

@Britt_j man oh man we have have spoke a lot she put me on to Sons Of Anarchy. We have spoken on other things as she lurks the boards now but she still cool.

@Shadyteam she wants to talk hiphop but her past on the board will not let that happen for ol girl. We had beef a lot in the Reason over Em. She's aight but has a short fuse and slightly crazy she would fit in Donkey just right.

@Covet smh I'll be honest you played yourself the whole time you posted here. I think you see the error in your ways now hopefully you can post in peace. IMO you should run up on Kat and start a fight you'll lose without a doubt but it would be funny.

@Lil Loca you're a smart female and you have hiphop knowledge BUT feminist talk on 95% male forum will get you nowhere. Not saying you should stop being you but don't get surprised when dudes clown your opine's.

@Lady_Zee you're a pretty female and generally a nice person from what I see with goat tittttays lol. I see that you get a lot of unwarranted ethers and goats for sayng shit like "he's gay" or "Kat's tall" smh. No diss just an observation I still think you have ether to give I've been on the end of some of it :-( so it's all good.

@Bookworm the quiet vet on the board. You have been on this board as long as I have so you've seen it all done it all lol. After hearing you in tinychat and reading your post in there you're a cool female. Let's do lunch no Vader :-( since you're not that far from me lol.

@Skylar White your troll game is unmatched far as females go on this board. We spoke on that awhile back so do your thang ma just don't hit nobody in the head with a tire iron :-(

@Haute you're a funny poster regardless male or female and your ether and Kimi had me dying. Kimi my dog but damn you went in. You're hiphop knowledge is on par with a lot dudes on this board as well.

@twinzmom the Goat herself. Without a doubt the coolest female on the board can take a joke and can make fun of herself. You being cute does not hurt your status as the goat either.

@MsJones the cobra of the board. You're basically the Floyd Mayweather on the board will go at anybody anywhere anytime no fucks given. The funny thing though your voice is mickey mouse status so that makes the ethers even more deadly.

@Iheartcali almost forgot about her. Shit this chick realer than most of the niggas posting on here. After her "exposure" unlike most posters male or female she kept posting like shit didn't even happen. Niggas had gifs,pics and videos and her reply was.................crickets............... for the most part. She comes thru the board and say her peace then be out.

@Moreno beautiful young lady we had our lil beef in tinychat but it is what is. IMO she's cool but naive to a lot things in life but she is young. I think she on the right track wrong train but that's just me shrugs.

@Charlie_Danger I can't believe I left you out ma. Those lips of yours and your come take me eyes had me all fucked up I apologize. IMO you catch flack for being "the big girl" but like a real lady you take that shit like a grain of salt and keep it moving. The latest afro pic you dropped was very cute if I was a simp I woulda jumped on that but sadly I do not.
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