Spin Off: Is Your Head Skills the Stuff of Legends?

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In the "Is Your Pussy the Best He's Ever Had." http://community.allhiphop.com/discussion/484148/is-your-pussy-the-best-hes-ever-had#latest A lot of you ladies confessed that you're actually "head doctors." So again, my question is do you have incontrovertible proof from more than four niggas, that your "chop job," skills are something that's damn near omnipotent. Do you have a nigga squirming away, talkin about, "Mami, hold up." Do you have niggas palming the back of your head like a basketball, not so much as a show of dominance on the dude's part, but lessen the intensity of the tongue and sucking action that potna can barely hang up with. As with the "Best Pussy," thread, do you have dudes mumbling utter jibberish and unable to complete sentences, and of course when you really "get down with the get down," do you have a nigga's eyes rolling in the back of his head?

What technique do you use. Do you use that slow, methodical head that looks as if serious thought and consideration is going into every slurp or are you have that "Machine Head," that Bush was talking about? You know breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. She's got a machine head, better than the rest, a machine head. Green to red, a machine head. Do you use your hands or is it all mouth and tongue? Do you start slow, then end up sucking the dick as if the fate of humanity depends on it. When your having your twat played with or your nasty asses are 69in' does that effect your dick sucking?

When you take a break, do you hold dick about an inch from your mouth and say that nasty cute lil shit that booty movie girls say? Finally, do y'all take the goo to the face like your suppose to or least swallow, like a good girl should? Niggas what to know.


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