So yall just gonna ignore the fact Rondo missed history becuz he wanted to keep it real

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Rajon Rondo’s streak of games with 10 assists or more has ended at 37 after a fight with Brooklyn Nets power forward Kris Humphries resulted in his ejection just before halftime of Wednesday’s matchup between the Atlantic Division rivals at TD Garden. The 37 game streak will officially go into the record books tied with John Stockton as the second longest in league history, just nine games short of Magic Johnson’s 46 game streak.

The scuffle between Rondo and Humphries broke out at the end of a physically contentious first half in which the Nets shot 17 free throws to the Celtics’ two. A hard foul by Humphries on Kevin Garnett led Rondo, who was visibly upset after a non-call minutes earlier in which Humphries pushed him to the floor after blocking a layup attempt, to shove Humphries three rows deep into the floor seats behind the Celtics’ basket. A full blown scrum ensued involving players from both teams as well as Celtics coach Doc Rivers, who jumped into the chaos to keep players separated. The scuffle resulted in the ejection of Rajon Rondo as well as the Nets’ Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace. Kevin Garnett also received a technical foul for his involvement in the altercation.

League officials will most certainly review footage of the altercation. Given Rajon Rondo’s history further disciplinary action could likely be handed out later this week. As always CLNS Radio will provide updates as more details emerge.


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