The Reason Unplugged: daboyag x World of Positivity

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Welcome another edition of The Reason Unplugged. Today I introduce an artist who's been at it for some time - @daboyag1. He the last time I posted an update on dude was after her dropped "Rules of the World" (which was posted as a Reason Quotable), now he's back with a new mixtape and the some of the famous production of Brian B to accompany it. With smooth sounds to ease the mind, and the most uplifting melodies this mixtape is truly an adventure into a World of Positivity. This is music for the soul.


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    Welcome back fam... how have things been since the last time we interviewed you ?

    I have been getting a lot more exposure lately, website features, radio, song reviews, my numbers looking good right now. Life is well, dealing with everything that life has to give me along the way, and a lot of things that I have seen have changed my perspective of the world, and the people around me.

    This new project is a step up from your previous works.... what influenced you in the making of this mixtape ?

    Listening to a lot of my favorite artists, I picked up a lot of different good features from everyone, and thats including all genres of music, helped me in the creative process of this mixtape.

    Would you say this is your best work and if so why ?

    I would definitely say this is my best work today, I listened to it in full a few times before I finally put it out, and it just really felt complete and well put together. People really can tell what kind of artist I am, and well put together my songs are.

    Why did you pick "World of Positivity" for an album name ??

    While listening to this mixtape, you can really tell it is a step outside of the world that we live in today, and upon seeing so much negative energy go on around me, I felt like the world needed to hear these words I put on this record, therefore you have the World of Positivity.

    What is your goal with this album ?

    My goal with this album is to bring the listeners into a welcoming environment, I feel like the music on this mixtape is feel good music, that you don't have to run away from, I just want to kind of shift the direction of most people's thoughts today to the positive side.

    Let's delve a bit into the music.... I see you brought back some familiar faces such as GRIP Money and Brian B. what was it like incorporating their production styles in this mixtape ?

    I feel like these producers complimented the style of music I wanted to make on this mixtape the most, they really came through with the production for me on this project, and I have nothing but respect for these guys, and I want to make sure that they are included on my projects in the future also.


    Mental Trackmeets.... smooth track, I liked this record, what was the creative process like ??

    I heard this beat, I put the pen to the pad and just went on a lyrical rampage, This a track where I felt the adrenaline, and wanted to keep the energy flowing on this joint.

    Memory Bank produced by Brian B. , this record seems a bit personal, what influenced the sound of this record and what are your favorite verses from this record ?

    This record, is a conceptual record about just not forgetting where you came from at the end of the day, just staying faithful and thankful for the ones that had anything to do with making you who you are today, very soulful vibe, My favorite verse on this is the second verse.

    Highway Cruisin - now this record is by far my favorite track on the album, I love how yall blended that 90s rider style with this one. This the type of shit I can drop the top down and just cruise to you know ? Got dayum fam, what was it about this song or beat that made you stop and say "I have to flip this" ? And what other creative influences went into making this record ??

    I sat down with my producer (InTACT) and told him the kind of vibe I wanted for this beat, and when I heard the beat, I just felt like "This is greatness", I feel like I completed my mission with this record, My lyrics were insane, The beat is crazy, The vibe is easy going. Everything went right with this song.


    Aye fam speak on the importance of "Unity" it's a theme that always seems to come up in your records....

    Unity is important for everything in the world, We live in world controlled by numbers, the more people you have working towards the same goal, the more effective the effort will be. This also fits in to the World of Positivity theme.

    What is your favorite track on the mixtape ?

    My favorite track from the mixtape is Memory Bank.


    And what was the most difficult track on the mixtape to write ??

    The most difficult track to write was probably "Rules of The World", trying to make sure my lyrics hit how I wanted them to.

    When you look back on your previous material what are some things you wish you could go back and change and what are some things you picked up on and learned to improve upon ?

    The biggest the thing about my previous material is that is was rushed, So I learned to take my time and perfect my craft, and let things fall into place before I put music out, thats the biggest thing I improved upon.

    For more information you can reach @daboyag1 at his soundcloud page:

    Or you can check him out on Youtube:

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    As promised.... check it out folks leave some feedback and overall I hope yall enjoy the music. The music is incredible and I KNOW somebody on here is gonna feel it inside. If you're a lover of music then you're gonna love this whole mixtape from top to bottom.
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    Highway Cruisin>>>
  • Peezy_JenkinsPeezy_Jenkins Posts: 31,626 ✭✭✭✭✭
    the real #VegasLights in building, great project, niggas gotta stop sleepin on this positive music
  • A1000MILESA1000MILES Posts: 13,293 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Highway Cruisin>>>

    I fuck wit that track...
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    I swear this mixtape was goat... right when he dropped it i donwloaded it.. there's some hits on there

    I Love the struggle>>>>
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    Im proud of AG for this cool,laid back project and if he keeps improving, I know certain greatness is to follow.

    Im also happy i got to inspire a track and be a part of the mixtape.
    AG really didnt need any features cause he flowed each song so well, so to be a guest on the tape is truly an honor.
    SionKing Lee
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    Memory Bank is my fav track.
    I listen to that song in the car.
    I listen to that song when im cleaning up.
    i listen to that song when im playing madden.
    I listen to that before i start to write.

    I luv that song
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    Aye man, this tape jammin bruh

    I been said of all the folks I heard who rap on here, AG is one of my favorites

    but I was lmao @ "famous production of Brian B..."

    ain't nobody really heard of me lol, preciate the shout-out tho

    & yall need to check out "Musical Artwork" from AG if you haven't already

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    i don't even kno where to start with when it come down to discussing AG talent level
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    Alright fam I'm unsticking this thread. Make sure yall support @daboyag1... next up C.J. Visuals
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