Denim/Jean heads... I need help asap

Demarco27Demarco27 Posts: 581 ✭✭✭✭
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WTF is up with all the new cuts of jeans?? Its like everytime i try to go cop some denim all the jeans are cut like skinny jeans. I grew up in the baggy jean era, but obviously im not trying to rock them old joints.

Its like a nigga damn near need a tailor just to buy some jeans. There seem to be only nuthugging skinny-type cuts.

Im not with the denim leotard look, so what options do i got? Buy em a couple sizes bigger? Is there a certain cut thats relaxed? IM this close to actually hiring a tailor for real.

Summer just past so i was mostly rocking cargo shorts.

**mods** would of posted in FF, but lets be honest, its dead. So please let this breathe for a min.


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