What Makes You Feminine?

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I have a thing for "girly girls." For me there's nothing more sexy and exciting than a female that embraces and show cases her femininity. These are the type of chicks that wear summer dresses with the big hats and super star shades in warm weather and the wintertime they have on skirts, legging, calf high boots, and those "Velma sweaters". Chicks that enjoy doing domestic shit like cleaning and cooking. Women who conduct themselves like ladies and can get their point across without being belligerent and hella emotional. Women who know how to apply their make up without looking reject from clown scary movie.

In my opinion, Latinas are the most feminine and sensual women on the planet. There's just something about them and they way they carry themselves. I really can't explain it, but they have what I call this "Spanish Girl," aura. The mamis that play on Telemundo and Univision have this shit working in overdrive. When they're not PMSing and trying to prove that they're men, black women can be very feminine too, but finding a black women that's feminine without being stuck up and pretentious is like trying to get new IPhones when the first drop. Ladies what qualities do have that make you feminine?


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    Your dealing with emotions only bitches feel g

    You've been on some borderline faggy shit bro

    Are you about to have a sex change or something?
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    To bad hispanics are not a race. So these latinas you're speakingo off have a more cultural aura
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    To be honest, my emotions are the one thing that remind me of my femininity the most, excluding my vagina.

    I'm not the girliest girl.

    I wear makeup and enjoy getting glammed up every now and again, but I much prefer a comfortable lowkey look.

    I accept my role as the woman of our house and do the cooking/cleaning/laundry, but I'm no domestic goddess especially in the kitchen...lol.

    I'm working on it though...it's a learning process and what I lack in skill I make up for in willingness to improve.

    And blow jobs.
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    Blow jobs are played out now Kat, that aint impressing niggas no more.. whats ur rimjob game lookin like tho, serious question.
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    lmao..you nasty Benji.

    Blow jobs are like a nice blazer, they never go out of style.
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    lol Nah im messin wit u, I dont fuck with that, I just wanted to see how filthy and disgusting of a cave bitch white queen (I dont wanna get banned now) you really are.
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    lmao..that god damn Telemundo.
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    My feelings and emotions are one of the main things. I'm a sap and cry at various things . I'm a sweetheart and always helping others

    I cook well and keep a clean house

    Im a great mom. I like to take care of people. I'm thoughtful and do things like keep beer at ny house even though I don't drink it ...but he does and send bday cards to my friends

    I always smell nice and keep myself looking good . Doesn't require make up or heals but I like dressing up

    Its little things too like I love painting my nails and the color purple. I collect cute things like butterfly stuff and pin up girl pics.

    Also I know my roll in a relationship. I let my man be a man and always have his back.
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    my vagina and the female hormones flowing thru my endocrine system :-??

    and getting fucked will def remind me of my feminity lol

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    Definitely wanted some cholas back in the day, but it's risky fucking with them.
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    In my opinion, Latinas are the most feminine and sensual women on the planet.
    There's just something about them and they way they carry themselves.

    bull shit.... nigga u need to come 2 NY

    from my experience the most feminin and sensual women are white women.
  • My mannerisms but mostly my sashay-ive been told by a few men that I remind them of Sandra from 227
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