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Eve snitching to the FBI about her sextape with Stevie J

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Eve has accomplished a lot in her career, but remembering her former relationship and sex tape with "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star Stevie J has the Ruff Ryder First Lady regretting the X-rated clip that was leaked on the Internet back in the early 2000s.

While Stevie J is adamant that he didn’t leak the sex tape, he claims that it made the Ruff Ryder rapper hot. Eve begs to differ on that point. “It definitely didn't," Eve said on Wednesday's episode of “RapFix Live.” "When that happened, sex tapes weren't 'hot' like that, and I got the FBI involved. So that's not something I wanted to happen."

Other than this one incident Eve has had a pristine career, complete with multi-platinum records, hit singles, a sitcom and her own clothing line under her belt. Stevie J, on the other hand, has wandered down a path that’s not too far off from a scandalous sex tape. The hit maker behind Mariah Carey’s “Honey” is now a cast member on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” complete with love triangles and heated fights.

"I respect my mother and my family and that's not something I am OK with," Eve said, talking about the repercussions of the tape. "And it hurt my heart that anyone who was in my circle — whether it be him [Stevie] or anybody else — it hurt my heart that that went out there. That wasn't my thing."

"It wasn't me, I didn't leak that joint. I gave it to her and one of her girlfriends leaked it, thank you very much," Stevie said during an interview with “RapFix Live” back in July.

While it remains a mystery of who exactly leaked the tape it seems as if Eve now her sights on getting back in the music game with the release of her 2013 album Lip Lock.
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