Yo this ratchet mess & funny pics got me dying again lmao



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    I just had a revelation while looking at these photos. These folks are ratchet and they'll find someone else who's ratchet and have a kid. That kid will possess both their parents negative traits while developing bad traits of their own so the kid will be 2x as ratchet. Then the kid will grow up and have a kid with someone who's also 2x's as ratchet then that kid will be 4x as ratchet. The mathematical heights of ratchet will get unsustainable and we'll be overrun by ratchetness, this shit is actually depressing.

    Already happening. (My wife's a teacher).
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    Ayo, I'm fucking crrryyying b! It's too early in the morning for this shit.
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    Fuck yeah too early in the morning for this shit..........I'm trying to eat cereal and damn near choking every other second looking at these posts.

    Fuck ya'll !!!

    *keep them shit coming, this shit is comedy gold*
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    life shouldn't be so much of a struggle...
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    I have lost all respect for nignogs

    @stopitfive for the copyright for nignogs
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    Them big gulz got the front butts.
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    @BlackAX410 come in here I can't let u miss this shit bruh lol
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    VIBE wrote: »
    VIBE wrote: »

    What in the fuck shit is this?

    This image is too trippy, I couldn't shake how ugly and fucking weird it is. I just kept thinking how badly I wanted to punch him in his fucking face. I actually had a dream that I was running scared shitless from this guy while he chased me laughing, I woke up and had to get a drink and shake that off...


    I thought it was someone who painted his face and eye lids at first; but now it looks like a horrible Photoshop job.
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    RaySwift wrote: »
    Oh thats her hair? I thought she was wearing some kind of Russian hat.

    Really tho I was thinking the same thing.
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