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So I was thinking... I asked myself an honest question deep down inside..... Do Jay-Z fans have self-respect?

Out of all the braggadocious/superficial rap I've heard, nothing seems to compare to Jay-Z's. It feels like his lyrics come from a mean-spirited place. The dude literally belittles his fans on damn near every track he's ever made. How can you listen to this shit and bow down to the "throne" like some type of cult?

I hear Jay-Z fans talk about how he inspires them to be successful... but in what way? What actual tips has he ever given his audience about life musically? It's 2012 and the only thing I've gathered from Hov on how to become happy and successful is sell drugs like he was doing in 88. What has he taught us about being a man? He sold us crack so we wouldn't have to go through that but I ain't never heard him talk about the importance of education. Why hasn't he talked about tangible ways to improve the community since he's such an inspiration? I ain't never heard him talk about loyalty. I just see him taking pictures with Warren Buffet but giving Philly Freezer the stiff arm while all his fans sit around and laugh.

Jay-Z is an intelligent dude. That's why this shit hurts me to see. Duke straight told you on the track that he dumbed it down for you because YOU THE CONSUMER aren't smart enough. If that's not disrespect I don't know what is. And he has the nerve to call himself the most thought-provoking writer of the 21st century. Give me a break! What thoughts has Jay-Z provoked?? What emotions has Jay-Z evoked?? If he such a hustler why he always incriminate himself? What if, just what if, Jay-Z sold a lot of drugs but felt that the consumer didn't need to know since it glorifies destructive behavior so he decided to never speak on it on wax? What content do we have left king pin?? You not a GOAT artist because you have no soul. Real hustlers and gangsters ain't trying to hear that shit. Back in the 70's thugs listened to Marvin Gaye sing about love and social issues, not a constant glamorization of the shit they did for a living.

Bragging about material things is one thing. All rappers do it. It's natural when you come straight out the hood. But when you take it to the level of trying to make consumers feel subconsciously inferior to your 3 month year old daughter cause some bullshit ass curtains she got it's a god damn problem.

But yall wanna hate on a rapper like Wayne who makes fun music out of the joy of his heart or Nicki who tries to make her fans feel like contemporaries who are on the same level as her as a human... Yall wanna hate on a song like this:

Lil Wayne - How To Love

that's deeper than anything Jay-Z ever made in his life. No I don't wanna hear that Minority Report, Song Cry, Lucky Me, etc.. uninspired soulless bullshit that you Jigga Warriors bring up every time. Jay-Z ain't never made a song like "All That I Got Is You" that will literally have you fighting tears. Yall don't give a fuck about music b. How dare you compare Jay to Tupac, Michael Jackson and artists of that caliber?? You just want someone to shit on yall life every verse and give you some false vicarious hope. Jay-Z don't give a fuck about the community. He want all the money for himself. He don't wanna see his people succeed or else he woulda conducted himself different. It's all about humiliation. How can you not see that???

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