Ladies: Why You Can’t Find/Keep a Good Man

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I hear a lot of women talking about how “There are no good men”. Well quite frankly I’m tired of hearing that. Its time for a reality check. See when a woman goes to a pastor, family members or a best friend (usually some other bitter bitch) for relationship advice, she’s given advice that is meant to comfort her and not give her the truth.

Getting advice from one of those aforementioned people is pretty useless because they are giving advice that is meant to make a woman feel better about herself and not give her what she actually needs to hear. This is especially true when a woman listens to her girlfriends who themselves are manless, are dating a loser and/or are whores. It’s like the blind leading the blind…over a cliff and into a meat grinder.

The truth hurts and no one wants to give advice out that might make someone feel even shittier than they already do. I, however, have no qualms about doing that. Ladies, the reason you can’t find/keep a good man is because YOU are the problem. It’s that simple. Women almost never accept responsibility for their own fuckups when it comes to relationships and even when they attempt to, it’s usually just some scapegoat way of blaming the dude i.e. “I was stupid for thinking that he was a good dude”.

Let’s see. You’re approaching 30, you’ve been in and out of relationships, every time you think you meet a good guy it falls apart…seriously, at what point do you stop blaming it on men and start doing some self examination? The real common denominator in your failures is you.

Now let me explain why you can’t keep a man. It’s actually very simple. You can’t keep a man because you don’t try to keep a man. First off, women have started to believe this myth that they are somehow simple to please whereas men are complicated. It’s the opposite. When it comes to relationships, women can’t even figure out for themselves what they want and they want men to be overnight experts.

Men on the other hand are very simple creatures. A relationship to us is a simple cost benefit analysis: Does our time and money bring us a reasonable set of benefits? Women don’t seem to be aware of the sacrifices men make to try to please them. Let me break down the money and time parts for you:

I’m convinced women don’t know, don’t appreciate or don’t care how much money a man typically burns on trying to keep them happy. Let’s break down with some very conservative and basic numbers. Let’s say a man takes a woman out once a week for dinner and a movie. A dinner at a decent restaurant (Non-chain) is going to run you about $50 – $60.

That doesn’t include any alcoholic beverages. Including drinks and tip, you’re looking at about $70 – $80. Movie tickets for two will run you $20 and add an extra $5 – $10 if there are snacks involved. You’re looking at about $70 – $100 a week, $280 – $400 a month. That’s $1120 – $1200 every 3 months. That’s a damn mortgage payment. And that’s just dinner and a movie once a week.

That doesn’t include birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, anniversaries, etc. Now I know the typical woman response is “But I spend about that much for clothes, hair and other things I do for you.” Bullshit. This isn’t like doing your taxes. You can’t write off your everyday, normal expenses. Its not even in the same ballpark.

Our entire lives, men are raised to be keepers of their own time. As little boys we are in essence raised to take care of ourselves and do what we want with our time. Being in a relationship means a lot of sacrificing of that freedom. We have to sit on the phone and talk about how fucked up your day was. We have to deal with the bullshit drama that you get yourself into when you hang out with bitches that aren’t really your friends but you’re either too stupid to see it or completely unwilling to change it (Yet we have to hear you bitch about our friends). Even when we stay in and you come over, we have to deal with you sitting there interrupting and disturbing our “fortress of solitude” by asking questions and wanting to “talk” while the game is on. But we deal with it. No, we don’t enjoy talking to you for hours on end.

Yeah, we might tell you we do, but we don’t. See, when we hang out with our boys and bitch about things, if we’re told “Damn dude, that was fucking stupid, don’t do that”, we don’t cry about that being too harsh, we take the advice. However in a relationship with women, we have to hear you bitch about stupid shit going on with you and then watch as you refuse to take our advice. Then 2 weeks later we’re right back where we started and have to listen to the bullshit over again.

It’s a complete waste of our time but we know we have to do it so we suck it up and deal with it.
So this is typically what happens. A woman meets a nice guy; they hit it off and start dating. It starts off wonderful. They talk for hours on the phone, he takes her out and things really seem to be meshing. Then after about 3 – 4 months, things start to change.

They don’t go out as much, he spends more time with his boys/watching the game/playing Xbox, they don’t talk as much and he feels more distant. After about 6 months there’s a noticeable change and things fall apart and a woman is left wondering “What the hell happened?” What happened was the guy did a cost-benefit analysis and the results weren’t in your favor.

A man has put in his time and his money and he’s looked into what exactly he’s getting back from it and the answer was “Not much.” This always happens. Talk to any woman and she’ll say “Things started off great but after a few months he changed.” Look, he didn’t change…he got bored.

Relationships are like hourglass sand timers. If you don’t switch things up, the sand will run out and it’ll be over. Let’s be frank, the only benefit most women are providing to a man is a steady supply of sex and that’s not going to cut it in the long run. Sex has a 3 month shelf life before it becomes just another thing to do. Women have fallen into this mindset that all a man needs to be happy is good sex. *sigh* Please. That might get you in the door, but you’ll be quickly ushered out if that’s all you’re bringing to the table.

First and foremost, your pussy devalues over time much like the way a new car depreciates in value the moment you drive it off the lot. Also, much like a car, newer models come out all the time and your pussy is replaceable. There’s nothing a woman can do to stop this. Sure you can switch things up in the bedroom and make things more “exciting” but all that does is postpone the inevitable. So, in order to keep your man you need more than just sex. Any woman can provide a man with sex, what you want is something that you can provide that most woman can’t or won’t. Again, men are simple creatures; we don’t need or ask for much:

Cook - The new trend with women these days seems to be that a lot of them either can’t cook or they don’t cook for their man. The saying “The way to a man’s heart is through is stomach” is one of the few sayings that is actually true. Cooking is such a basic survival skill I’m baffled by ANYONE who says they can’t cook. It’s not rocket science here people. If you can put together a banging ass meal at least 2 times a month, I’m telling you…your man isn’t leaving you.


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