damn.....does nas need the maury check up?

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"YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER".....smh....

lets see what makes of this....might be just rumours though.....

And here is the info we were sent:

Kelis is keeping a secret. The father of her son is former football player Wale Ogunleye not Nasir Jones. After adult freaky tape allegations leaked featuring Kelis and a man other than her husband she decided to become pregnant to save her failing marriage. She though it would take a few months for her to conceive but she was pregnant within a month. She and Ogunleye were having an affair and things happened so quick she was uncertain of the child’s paternity. That’s why she refused to allow Nas into the delivery room and refuses to allow him to visit her son without her or the nanny. Her son has striking features he inherited from his biological father who is of Nigerian decent. She just recently purchased a foreclosure in Glendale California, and is desperately seeking a sponsor. She fears losing another property she has had two foreclosures and two evictions since her divorce. Ogunleye has since upgraded and is now dating Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child.

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