Quit playin & cash that lil loose change in for a dollar!

PremeerPremeer Posts: 2,946 ✭✭✭✭✭
1 my guys stay hitting me up about some new hoes he met, fucking wit, plan on fuckin wit, etc. and always shoot me sum flix of these broads.. and i swear, everytime he talk about them, he make em sound like they bad as fuck.. but when he shoot me them flix, they be fried as fuck lol .. fat, sloppy, dirty... just all bad lol. and his main chick is a fat white girl on top of that.

im always tryna tell this dude.. like brah.. stop wasting yo time with these fried hoes. whats the point?? how you expect to meet some bad bitches if you always wasting yo time with these fried hoes.. aim high!!

to those people who chase ducks, stop it. just stop it. especially if you already got a girl. but if you dont want her, then find something you can appreciate, physically and mentally. cash in all that loose change and get you a dollar.

me personally, im quantity over quality. you can smash all the pennies and nickles you wanna.. but if they aint impressive then you aint impressing nobody. but honestly, i been celibate but thats another story for another day.

why must people have this thirsty, weak, mentality??? people needa step they life game up.. all the way up.


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