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So i Go to the bank on Thursday and make a payment on my bank credit card over the counter...cash payment......

now mind you, I expect that shit to be posted immediately..or atleast by Monday morning....

Get to monday...shit not posted
tuesday shit still not posted
Today shit STILL not posted.....so i call these bitches......come to find out because me and my wife share a checking account at that bank, they posted the payment to HER credit card instead of mines....

now I gotta get her to fax over a letter to them telling them that they have her permission to move the money... which pissed me off cuz i'm like wait, we have a shared account, and I'm her husband and i still can't do the shit myself? I hate this dumb shit... but i'm like iight..whatever....

so i text her the business....

then as I was about to hit send I thought about it....

"Do I really have to make her do this?"

I mean i give her a couple dollars here n there for her bills all the time.....shit that's the point of working 2 jobs.....I get paid Thursday and Friday this week, so it's not like I can't make another payment, should I play it off on some

"Merry Christmas babe, i paid your credit card this month"

or do I tell her to give me my money back???

shit kinda got me me confused on the best way to play this


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