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Laaaaadies...Question for Ya (Males too I Guess..lol)

KatKat Don't @ Me to Dumb Shit.H-TownPosts: 50,406 ✭✭✭✭✭
Okay so this may be you or maybe you've had a friend that was always dialing the radio station during request hour dedicating that perfect song to their man.

My question is do you try to use songs to express yourself?

Every once in a while I'll hear a song that hits me like finding that perfect card at Hallmark. It's like every word applies to you or your man and you almost want to make him sit down and listen to it and tell him THIS is exactly what I want to say!

Do you dedicate or send your S/O songs to convey a message? Or have you?

Have you ever had someone send a special song your way?



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